OpenTelemetry instrumentation for Erlang & Elixir

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EEF Observability WG project Elixir

About this project

This is a repository for OpenTelemetry Erlang & Elixir contribution libraries that are not part of the core repository and core distribution of the API and SDK.


OpenTelemetry can collect tracing data using instrumentation. Vendors/Users can also create and use their own. Currently, OpenTelemetry supports automatic tracing for:

Supported Runtimes

OpenTelemetry Contribution libraries are verified to support the last 3 OTP versions to match the supported runtimes of the OpenTelemetry API and SDK.

For Elixir libraries, all versions that support the last 3 OTP versions are verified.

See Elixir OTP Compatibility for supported OTP/Elixir combinations.

Elixir libraries should aim for the minimum supported version to be the lowest possible it can for the code in the library, but must at least support versions outlined above.


We'd love your help!. Use tags [up-for-grabs][up-for-grabs-issues] and good first issue to get started with the project. Follow CONTRIBUTING guide to report issues or submit a proposal.

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Apache 2.0 - See LICENSE for more information.